Interactive Visual Computing Lab


(1) Graduate students must pick 1 day to present their own work

  1. (2)Graduate students will lead discussion on papers. Those who do not lead discussion must prepare at least 3 questions.

  2. (3)We will read papers related to but not limited to algorithms, interaction, and perception issues.

  3. (4)We may pick some classical papers to learn the background together.

  4. (5)Our primary readings will come from TVCG, SIGGRAPH, TOG, TOCHI, AP, CHI, CVPR TOPR etc. You are welcomed to recommend interesting papers. Interdisciplinary work (e.g., vision, data mining, image processing, perception, games, and other application areas) is especially welcome!

2010 Fall Reading Group

9/9    Haipeng Cai : Vision-based human-computer interaction

9/16  Haipeng Cai : Vision-based human-computer interaction

9/23 Jeffrey: perception-driven visualization

              (CHI 10) Judging correlation from scatterplots and

              parallel coordinates (p2553-li.pdf) (Jack van Wijk).

              Check Jing’s site for more information.

9/30 Hanyu Liu - VisBubbles: a new framework for interactive visualizations

10/7 Hanyu Liu - VisBubbles: a new framework for interactive visualizations

10/14 (no meeting - Fall break)

10/21 (no meeting, Jian at Rutgers)

10/26 (Jadrian Miles: Brown University)

11/4  (We just like to have some break)

11/11 Mike Erwin - flow paper and his design study

11/25       (reading or presentation)

12/2        (reading or presentation)


Readings from Cornell graphics group (Kavita Bala)

MIT feature congestion; a short presentation on towards insight

(CHI09) A user study on visualizing directed edges in graphs (Jack van Wijk); A good presentation on graphs (John Stasko);   (vast 2010) NetClinic (Microsoft research);

DTI background: filler09.pdf

What we do:

The list will be updated every week. So come back often.

Our reading group meet every Thursday 11:00-12:00noon in TEC 205. Come join us!