Interactive Visual Computing Lab


Our reading group meet every Thursday 11:00-12:00noon in TEC 205. Come join us!

Guest lecture on VTK, COS 701, 2010 Spring.
Classes I taught after joining CS@USM since Fall 2009.
Summary: I have taught 8 new courses in the first two years. The game class is a new course on campus I initiated with an art professor.
Undergraduate classes:
CSS 333: Problem Solving in C (2011 Spring, 2011 Fall)
CSS 211: Statistics (2011 Spring)
CSS 416: Software engineering (2010 Fall)
CSS 416 Lab: Software engineering lab (2010 Fall)
CSS 425: Computer Graphics (2010 Spring)
CSS 481: Game design (2010 Spring)
Graduate courses:
COS 701: Visualization tool (2011 Fall)
CSS 781: Interactive visualization (2009 Fall)
CSS 525: Computer graphics (2010 Spring, together with CSS 425)